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Supersmooth Black
Supersmooth Black
Supersmooth Black

Dodgy Paper

Supersmooth Black

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This dodgy premium superfine blend is made from fine art printing paper offcuts donated by Milk Bar Print, who are next to our new location in Richmond.

Super dooper smooth, and 95% chunk free ( there are some leftover bits of gold flakes and other chunks running through the pulp )

Great for gouache, acrylics, coloured pencils, and printmaking.

Sheet available in the following sizes:
A4 Sheet - 31x21cm

All sheets picked at random by our dodgy robot.

Batch size: 35 sheets

Batch Ingredients: 
Black poster paper offcuts donated by @workshopmelbourne from a drawing workshop.

Each sheet is 100% hand soaked, chunked, machine pulped, hand pulled, hand pressed and hand harvested.