WOS // MERDA : Envelope
WOS // MERDA : Envelope
WOS // MERDA : Envelope

Dodgy Paper

WOS // MERDA : Envelope

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MERDA @m_e_r_d_a made this custom batch from their paper waste during the WASTE OF SPACE : RESIDENCY at SPACE OF WASTE by Alleyoop in Cremorne. 

These artist batches were made by the artists themselves with guidance from The pulp professor during a day residency in The Dodgy Office. Each artist brought along paper waste to be pulped, and then spent time in the Lousy Lab formulating a custom colour from recycled printer cartridge waste. You can view and collect their custom colour over at the Lousy Ink online shop.

Batch Ingredients: 
Envelope pattern prints

Sheets available in the following sizes:
A4 Sheet - 21x31cm

All sheets picked at random by our dodgy robot.

Batch size: 20 sheets
Batch made: Sep 23
Location made: The Dodgy Office

50% of this sale directly supports the artist

Each sheet is 100% hand soaked, chunked, machine pulped, hand pulled, hand pressed and hand harvested.